Research & Development

Hastec Rail develops solutions that are end-user tested to ensure their practical application in the working environment and to maximise their ergonomic design. We pride ourselves on working with clients to understand problems and realise opportunities, with a number of new, innovative products currently being developed.

Network Rail currently sponsor Product Acceptance of the following products:

Registration Arm:

With the recurring failure issues of the current Hook and Eye system due to high voltage electric arcing, Hastec Rail were approached to explore this issue.

Having evaluated an array of possible solutions, 3D CAD designs were evaluated using Finite Element Analysis techniques to model stress, strain and fatigue fracture mechanics for varying parameters and life cycle studies.

From the results, prototype parts have been manufactured and subjected to controlled dynamic testing on our bespoke test equipment, in order to evaluate and simulate years of use on OLE systems.

Road Rail Vehicle Collision Avoidance System (CAS):

After a successful collaboration with sister company Elmec, Hastec Rail has been commissioned by Network Rail to fit a Collision Avoidance System on a selection of Network Rail Road Rail Vehicles. This future-proofed solution has been integrated into the RRV control system and contains a number of embedded enhanced vehicular controls to limit both work site and travel mode speeds. The visual and non-visual system is capable of detecting obstacles in the direction of travel, via an exclusion zone radar and camera monitoring system, with associated audible cab alarm and warning lights. The system is calibrated to function within a W6 gauge visualised by a blue low light safety exclusion demarcation zone. Once the RRV machine ignition is activated, a live-record video safety surveillance system activates; when the vehicle is in full rail mode, the speed regulator defaults to worksite mode.