HASTECPro Height & Stagger Gauge

Height & Stagger Gauge

PADS No: 0091/030682

The HASTECPRO is a next generation laser gauge developed by engineers with over 65 years experience in the rail and precision engineering industry.

Developed in collaboration with NR maintenance and OLE construction teams to eliminate design and operational faults in existing equipment.

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Manufactured Construction

  • High accuracy CNC machined components using aerospace grade engineering materials.
  • Utilising proven high accuracy technology into the construction.


  • Prototype testing – 1460 tests over 2 years with no failures or loss of accuracy
  • IP65 Rated, Self Lubricating Bearings, Robust Chassis Design

Repair Simplicity

  • Standard Repair Packages available for “Self Repair”
  • Simple Precision Components allow easy replacement (including “In the Field” fixes with appropriate training)
  • Remote assistance available for troubleshooting (Requires active WiFi/Internet connection)

User Friendly

  • Ergonomic Designed to allows operation in a Standing Position.
  • Lightweight and compact Design.